GDP Journey

About Graduate Development Program (GDP) 2017

At Holcim, we understand your desire of a work place, a place that cares about your career path, where the opportunity to develop is a promise to be fulfilled, a place where togetherness forms a positive work atmosphere.

Our Graduate Development Program (GDP) is designed to develop and enable you to accelerate your career progression.

1st Year

  • Intensive Corporate Induction

    • You will get basic understanding of Holcim Business, Values, and Products.

  • Holcim full-package core curriculum modules

    • Start developing your safety and leadership skills and apply them in Strategy, Manufacturing, Logistics, Commercial, Finance, and Human Resource. Those skills are developed through experience in three areas (Manufacturing, Logistics, & Sales)

  • Exciting Directorate Induction

    • You will get more focus and intensive learning experience in each respective Directorate. In this stage, you will be doing On-the-Job-Training (OJT) & Final Project Improvement, guided by dedicated coaches.

 At the end of year 1 you and your coach will assess your first-year journey.

2nd Year

Make your career transition in Holcim

You will have specific assignment in one particular position. You will face more exciting challenges and platform to showcase your full potential & good performance in dedicated area. You will set-up your KPI & Individual Development Plan (IDP) with your supervisor/coach. You will develop your competencies through real field assignment.

3rd Year

You will focus on your people-management competencies, to prepare you for the next role. You will have first-hand learning experience through career coaching, mentoring & leadership development program to strengthening your leadership skills, motivation, & performance.


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