Holcim titled Gold PROPER for the fifth consecutive year

4 December 2014

Jakarta (3/12) – The Ministry of Environment & Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia awarded Gold PROPER, the highest appreciation from the Indonesia Government for environment & social economy performance, to Holcim Indonesia, Cilacap Plant. It’s a breaking record that a private company successfully secured a gold title for five consecutive years through its environmental management and empowerment programs in social economy for the communities surround operational units. Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, handed over the award to Holcim Indonesia represented by Lilik Unggul Raharjo, Manufacturing Director in Jakarta, 2 Desember 2014.

“This award motivates us to keep on enhancing our performance on environment and social economy which are aligned with our principle to achieve economy success along with proper environmental performance and corporate social responsibility (Triple Bottom Line). It is how we go toward our vision of building sustainable solution for society’s future”, said Lilik.


Environmental performance

One of efforts done by Holcim toward its environmental performance is the energy conservation through the optimalisation of alternative fuel resource which first passed technical and environmental reviews, as well as safety standard based on Acert. As a result, Holcim has reduced 7.4% of green house emission against the baseline in 2010. The reduction was also supported by the use of railway as one of cement distribution transport systems. Aside from the energy, Holcim also conserved natural water resource by using 99% of rain water for producing cement.


Social performance

Various ongoing programs that have been and continue to be made include educational programs, economic, infrastructure and community empowerment. One of the flagship integrated programs that includes economic, education, environment and health is Pos Daya (family empowerment center). Up to now, there are 50 Pos Daya involving more than 9,000 people.

In terms of education, Holcim has distributed scholarships to 4,050 students since 1996, facilitated early childhood education for 4,103 children and developed Sekolah Alam (school of nature) which offers the opportunity of studying extra hour in math and English every weekend. This program is proven to raise the students’ average study result at school. Holcim continues the Entrepreneurship program-based Vocational Education (EVE) which aims to improve the competence of the community through educational programs equivalent Diploma in Engineering for students selected from around the location of Holcim plants. In the field of expertise and profession, 145 people have attended various trainings such as electric welding and have been able to apply their expertise at work.

In the economic sphere, Holcim Indonesia particularly Cilacap Plant, fostered Kampung Batik (traditional cloth producing village), gave assistances and coachings to small food industries and handicrafts made from household waste as well as helping the products distribution. One example that is already operating in a sustainable manner is the eucalyptus oil refinery.

The company's commitment to continue innovating brought us to lift up the local potentials such as the establishment of seeds center, waste bank and popularize the wide variety of typical foods from Cilacap such as "Brekecek" and various traditional snacks.


Community satisfaction index

Active community participation is the key to successful development programs. Each program went through the process of assessment and evaluation for effectiveness by a trusted independent institution which then concluded in the Community Satisfaction Index (IKM). IKM 2014 shows that 88% of people in Cilacap are satisfied and feel the benefits of the programs that have been rolled out.


Future outlook

The achievement of Gold PROPER this time, strengthens Holcim’s commitment to continue improving performance towards the vision of building sustainable solutions for the society’s future, while continue to innovate new and develop existing programs in the field of environmental and social economy.


About  PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk

PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk  (Holcim Indonesia) is a publicly listed company which its majority stake  (80.65%), is owned and managed by Swiss-based Holcim Group, one of the world’s largest cement companies with more than 85,000 employees and production capacity of more than 170 million tons of cement.

As one of the largest cement companies in Indonesia, PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk maintains integrated businesses of cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates production. The company operates three cement plants in Narogong-West Java,  Cilacap-Central Java, Tuban 1-East Java and a grinding facility in Ciwandan-Banten with total capacity of 11 million tons of cement and employs more than 2,500 employees. 

PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk operates a domestic building material supply network, which covers special distributors, retailers, masons, and Solusi Rumah outlets – the outlet provides housing design service, building materials, building consultation, and financing access. All under one roof.

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