Masons Beautify The Cities of Madiun and Ponorogo

7 June 2015

Madiun, Sunday, June 7th 2015, Assistant 1 of Governance and Development of Madiun Municipality, Andriono Waskito Murti, SH also the Regent of Ponorogo, H. Amin, S.H accompanied by Juhans Suryantan, Vice President of Sales Holcim Indonesia Limited and Johanna Daunan, Head of Marketing of Holcim Indonesia Limited and Wahyudi, Regional Sales Manager of East Java,

opened “Karya Bersama Abang Holcim 2015” event, Sunday, 7 June 2015. In this program, around 1,000 mason beautified both cities especially in Gulun Park, the town square and riverbank park in Madiun, and also Jeruksing filed and also Ponorogo General street in Ponorogo.

The real action which is conducted by the masons, aimed to make both cities more beautiful and green, as a cozy public spaces by building dozens of park benches and flowerpots along the main line of Ponorogo city. “a clean and beautiful environment is the dream of all of us,  “Karya Bersama Ahli Bangunan Holcim” is our commitment to support the creation of a clean, beautiful and green environment”, said  Juhans Suryantan.   

Besides Karya Bersama Abang Holcim, Holcim also have carried out several partnership programs which is specialized for mason, such as mason training, which provide a certified short training for the masons. Since it was rolled out in 2007, this program have involved more than 18,491 mason up to now. Another programs are coming home together which is initiated in Java & Bali area approaching Iedul Fitri, this program is conducted since 2008 and have been followed by 21,298 people. During Ramadhan, Holcim also conducted Mason Ramadhan fortune program since 2013 and have been followed by 2,766 masons and a football competition called Holcim Gala Bola in East Java which have attracted 23.968 participants since 2010. This competition provided prizes for winners and their families.

To incorporated all the masons, Holcim formed group of Holcim Mason called KLAB Holcim as a communication medium between Holcim and masons, and also as an appreciation for the masons. Today, the member of KLAB Holcim is 4,485 masons who have been loyal to use Holcim product. The activities in KLAB Holcim includes : point redemption and gifts, Holcim mason gathering, training and etc. The coverage areas of the programs are Surabaya, Kediri, Mojokerto, Banyuwangi, dan Lumajang.

Furthermore Juhans Suryantan added, “Karya Bersama Abang Holcim is one of the programs which is conducted by Holcim Indonesia to build a strong emotional bound with the masons as one of Holcim’s important business partner. Mason is one of our customer and business partner. Therefore, we created various initiatives to improve and develop their skills and abilities and also provide appreciation for their loyalty in using Holcim product. To deliver customer excellence for the customer, we will continue create various programs which can give added values for our customers and business partners and contribute in Indonesia’s sustainable development ahead.”


About  PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk

PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk  (Holcim Indonesia) is a publicly listed company which its majority stake  (86.35%), is owned and managed by Swiss-based Holcim Group, one of the world’s largest cement companies with more than 65,000 employees and production capacity of more than 170 million tons of cement.

As one of the largest cement companies in Indonesia, PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk maintains integrated businesses of cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates production. The company operates three cement plants in Narogong-West Java,  Cilacap-Central Java, Tuban 1-East Java and a grinding facility in Ciwandan-Banten with total capacity of 11 million tons of cement and employs more than 2,500 employees. 

PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk operates a domestic building material supply network, which covers special distributors, retailers, masons, and Solusi Rumah outlets – the outlet provides housing design service, building materials, building consultation, and financing access. All under one roof.


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