Solutions for Lampung's Development: Holcim Begins Construction of Lampung Cement Terminal

21 August 2014

Holcim Indonesia marks another milestone in the development of its business by building a cement terminal in Lampung.

Lampung, 21st August 2014 - Holcim Indonesia marks another milestone in the development of its business by building a cement terminal in Lampung. Stretching across 4.7 hectare of land and with capacity of 1 million ton per year, the company hopes to provide solutions for Lampung's rapid development. The project was officially launched via a ground breaking ceremony held on site of cement terminal in Rangai Tritunggal village, South Lampung, and was officiated by Ir. H. Jamal Naser, Asisstant of Public Welfare South Lampung Regency, and several important stakeholders.

"This ground breaking ceremony signals our commitment to provide sustainable solutions for people in Lampung by bringing our products closer to its market.” said Eamon Ginley, CEO of Holcim Indonesia.

The Holcim cement terminal features a high technological process, easy operation, electricity saving, and is environmental friendly. The latter is very important since Holcim cares about the environment and the surrounding communities, hence, all business activities and processes should meet these factors. For example, the new Holcim cement terminal is equipped with a large capacity dust collector that can capture dust to prevent air pollution. This terminal also has a closed material transport to maintain the quality of product for Holcim’s customers. 

"We want to make sure our cement terminal has a minimum impact to the environment. Holcim is maintaining a high standard for its factories and another processing units. Two of our factories won the Proper Awards, or better known as Indonesia's Program for Pollution Control, Evaluation, and Rating, to facilitate and enforce the adoption of "clean technology" by the industries. Our factory in Cilacap won the Gold Proper Awards for 4 consecutive years, while the Narogong Plant won the Green Proper Awards for 3 consecutive years from the Ministry of Environment.” explained Eamon.


Holcim Innovation and Investment

Holcim will continue to play a leading role in the cement industry in Indonesia. Besides starting to build a cement terminal in Lampung, Holcim also launched its new factory in Tuban, East Java several months ago. The plant has the best environmental and energy efficiency of any in Indonesia. This plant in Tuban will provide Holcim Indonesia an additional 40% boost in production capacity, once its second line (Tuban 2 – currently under construction) is completed in 2015. Currently, Tuban 1 has added Holcim’s capacity from 9.1 million tons cement to 11 million tons when it started operations in June 2014.

Through all its business segments, Holcim Indonesia will always try to achieve its vision; building sustainable solutions for its society’s future. This year, Holcim is getting a contract from the government of Jakarta to improve the city's road by applying one of our products, SpeedCrete. This product will give solutions for fast road repair which is needed by a high density city like Jakarta. Another one of Holcim’s projects is the new waste management facility, Greenzone, that will help mitigate natural resource usage through recycling and energy recovery. This Greenzone facility is scheduled to commence operations in October 2014, and will triple the current capacity in safe waste management solutions.


About  PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk

PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk (Holcim Indonesia) is a publicly listed company which its majority stake (80.65%), is owned and managed by Swiss-based Holcim Group, one of the world’s largest cement companies with more than 85,000 employees and production capacity of more than 170 million tons of cement.


As one of the largest cement companies in Indonesia, PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk maintains integrated businesses of cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates production. The company operates three cement plants in Narogong-West Java, Cilacap-Central Java, Tuban 1-East Java and a grinding facility in Ciwandan-Banten with total capacity of 11 million tons of cement and employs more than 2,500 employees.


PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk operates a domestic building material supply network, which covers special distributors, retailers, masons, and Solusi Rumah outlets – the outlet provides housing design service, building materials, building consultation, and financing access. All under one roof.

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