Holcim Academy


Since launched in 2007, Holcim Academy continues to be the center of excellence for learning introduction, functional skills development, organizational improvement, leadership and management skills.


Holcim Academy's Four Pillars

Holcim has four pillars, which are: 

Learning Resources Center


History of Holcim Academy

Holcim has implemented a people-development concept since late 2005, known as Holcim Academy. It considers the current, mid-term and long-term manning and skill requirements of a dynamic and growing organization, with the aim to increase Holcim’s organizational capability, improve overall quality of the company’s personnel, prepare the workforce to operate Tuban plant and staff ready-mixed concrete expansion plans. New talents at all levels are recruited and developed in a wellstructured manner, and existing personnel are given targeted development opportunities. Model units are being established as centers of excellence progressively within all operational areas, and these will provide certified training for all operational staff within Holcim.



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