MiniMix is the latest addition to our fleet of concrete mixer trucks. One-third smaller than the average mixer truck, MiniMix is able to go through narrow streets, making it perfect for houses, shops and other small-scale construction projects.

Other benefits offered by MiniMix are:

You can order our high quality concrete mix in smaller volumes – anywhere between 1 to 2.5 m3. Just pick up the phone 0 811 811 811 0. We accept cash, credit card and debit card.

Time Saving
With MiniMix, concrete mix application can be done faster, more efficiently.

Compared to manual concrete mixing, MiniMix gives you a more accurate amount and less wasted materials – which means cost efficiency.


Reliable strength
Choose between the Duracon 225 (for columns, staircases and flooring) and the Duracon WT (for walls and flooring). Both types are easy to apply, and made with quality materials in our very own batching plants.



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