PakCrete, another value added solutions from Holcim Indonesia - just add water

Holcim’s latest solution is a winner with far-flung project contractors.

Development of Indonesia’s vast resources sector needs a wealth of local infrastructure, structures, buildings and other site furniture. The concrete requirement from 1,000 to 15,000 cubic meters is often too much for the humble but useful handmixer and not large enough to justify the power, and the cost of a full batching plant. The distances involved are huge, and the terrain often challenging, ruling out mixer trucks. So who are you gonna call? Why, Holcim!

We call it PakCrete. No it’s not a man’s name, but a very elegant and clever solution for local contractors, a city ready-mixed concrete for remote area. It draws on many years experience of transporting bulk cement around the archipelago in jumbo bags and some lateral thinking. Pre-mixed components designed in accordance with the customers needs are prepared in jumbo bags for haulage by sea or overland, saving the coordination and cost of procuring sand, cement and aggregates from different locations.


"The pre-packaged concrete material consists of cement, coarse, and fine aggregates and admixture all secured in a weatherproof one cubic metre bag. It’s a bit like a coffee mix – coffee, cream and sugar in the one sachet. The customer has the convenience of everything pre mixed to his specifications – all he has to do is add water."

Djayanta Ginting, VAS (Value Added Solution) Manager.

It also ensures Holcim can win a significant share of the concrete market without the expensive outlay of batching plants and mixer trucks. As Government and private sector are busily opening up Eastern Indonesia, logistics-driven solutions are speedy and cost effective and, with Holcim, a safe alternative. And if we have been involved since the beginning of the project, thanks to the quality and strength of our concrete we can provide the option of an efficient and compact building design, needing minimal large columns.

To learn more about PakCrete contact and 0811 811 811 0.



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