ThruCrete a Value Added Solutions (VAS) from Holcim Indonesia provides a modern solution to an age-old problem at Juanda International Airport- East Java

Indonesia’s 10th ‘Prime’ Minister, Djuanda Kartawidjaja, himself an Engineer, suggested Java’s second city Surabaya needed an airport. And so Juanda Airport in Surabaya – East Java was opened in 1964. From the outset, the porous concrete used by international consultants kept the taxiway free from surface water and the airport running smoothly. But decades later, the airport operator, Angkasa Pura, struggled to find a replacement as the airport expanded. Luckily news about Holcim and ThruCrete reached them and in March 2014, after a presentation, Holcim Indonesia sales team had won the project . Pouring 3,500 square metres of concrete in a matter of 11 days, section 4 of Terminal 2 taxiway was completed by June 17th 2014 – a new record for Holcim and a delight for contractor Waskita Karya and Artefak, the design consultants. “Holcim provided the products and advised the pouring process, so together as a team we were able to deliver the job” said Marco Sulistyo from Waskita Karya. Djayanta Ginting, Holcim Beton VAS Manager summed the job up as “…a true value-added solution, a product that delivers, operational expertise and total customer satisfaction.”

Derek Williamson, Holcim Indonesia Aggregates and RMX Director noted “Water is essence of life. Every cubic metre of ThruCrete helps sustain groundwater. With ThruCrete, you make a choice for the future.” Ironically, such wise words would have drawn a smile from the airport’s founding father – for Pak Djuanda’s first Government post back in 1937 was at the Bureau of Water Resources.



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