Vision and Strategy


Holcim Indonesia is committed to Sustainable Development (SD). This means that, as we grow our business, we contribute to economic development, to livelihoods and living standards while at the same time managing environmental resources responsibly: to help future generations meet their own resources needs.

SD is integral to our brand and reputation - our point of difference in a competitive market. It is embedded in our corporate policies and management systems. It is central to our communications with stakeholders. And it is literally part of day-to-day life for our employees.

We measure our progress using a triple bottom line:

  • in economic terms: how we work with retailers, cement and concrete products manufacturers, masons and the construction sector in general
  • in environment terms: how we manage natural resources and the impact of our operations on climate and ecosystems and how we give back to society, such as through the disposal of agricultural and other waste
  • in social terms: how we play a role in helping support the needs of local communities, caring and contributing, in education, safety and healthcare, in daily life and in times of need, with both a local and an international perspective

In 2011, Holcim Indonesia joined with five other prominent companies to set up the IBCSD, the Indonesian chapter of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Holcim Indonesia also demonstrated its commitment to sustainable construction by signing an agreement with Sanwell and Uponor – Indoor Climate Solutions system providers. ICS systems can lead to savings of up to 60 per cent on air conditioning. The products are used in conjunction with Holcim Beton’s FloCrete – a special self-leveling micro concrete product poured on top of structural concrete.



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