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Holcim has a long history of sustainable development. Our continuous commitment to mitigate CO2 emissions, provide waste management solutions, use alternative resources, and improve quality of life in our communities, started many years ago. Our sustainability efforts today concentrate on climate, resources, and communities, as well as OH&S, and our people - especially in terms of diversity and inclusion.

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Diversity & Inclusion initiative Costa Rica

Holcim believes that diversity in the workforce contributes to productivity and adds value to both the Group and society more widely. Holcim Costa Rica launched a diversity and inclusion program in 2013 based on four pillars: Policies, communication, accessibility, and diversity. They identified positions for employees with disabilities, shortlisted female employees to assume leadership roles, and introduced flexible working hours. Holcim wants to make a contribution toward less discrimination in society, and values diversity and inclusion. More programs will be launched across the Group in future.

Download the poster: Diversity und Inclusion initiative, Costa Rica

Together for communities

Holcim has a long history of serving its neighbouring communities, and this is a key component of the Group’s social responsibility. In 2012, to mark Holcim’s centennial celebrations, our employees across the Group strongly reaffirmed their commitment to getting involved in the communities located close to production sites, donating 100 years’ worth of their time worldwide. By engaging in volunteering work, Holcim employees are sending out a clear signal and are intensifying the dialog with local communities. This Together for communities volunteering initiative is a recurring annual event across Holcim Group companies

Download the poster: Together for communities

Health & Safety Day Europe 2014

Holcim believes that a safe and healthy workplace is a prerequisite for motivated, productive, and committed people. As part of a wider set of ongoing programs designed to improve safety across the Group, the first ONEurope Health & Safety Day was held in 2014. The event covered a range of training and awareness-raising activities focused on safety while driving. The continuation of such initiatives in future will help Holcim progress towards achieving its vision of ‘zero harm to people.’

Download the poster: Health & Safety Day Europe 2014

ACC Sanitation for Life

More than 50% of the population in India does not have access to adequate sanitation. The Indian Prime Minister has placed sanitation as a priority on the government’s agenda. A program tailored for rural communities has been developed to provide low income customers with financing from government subsidies and micro-credits to build such facilities. Holcim is the general contractor for this initiative, given the task of evaluating different toilet systems and setting up a distribution network. By 2025, Holcim aspires to have sold and installed 3.3 million toilets in India.

Download the poster: ACC Sanitation for Life

Holcim New Zealand helps rebuild Christchurch

Four years on from experiencing a devastating earthquake, Christchurch, New Zealand is slowly rebuilding its city. Holcim New Zealand and its employees have supported reconstruction by donating equipment and materials, establishing an earthquake fund, and being part of a volunteering program. Holcim is still engaged in activities, one of which is the rebuild of the Lyttelton Timeball Station which was extensively damaged and is one of New Zealand’s most significant historic buildings. Next to a financial donation, Holcim supports with expertise and staff.

Download the poster: Holcim New Zealand helps rebuild Christchurch

Healthy You campaign, Aggregate Industries UK

It is estimated that the UK economy loses around 15 billion pounds a year to employee sickness, with stress, anxiety, and musculoskeletal disorders the most common reasons for long-term absences. In 2012, Aggregate Industries UK launched a mandatory screening program to emphasize the importance of health, providing staff with a forum and the tools to talk about every aspect of health, including mental health. Thanks to this ‘Healthy You’ screening campaign, some undiagnosed conditions were identified, with the affected employees receiving treatment, together with support for life-changing habits.

Download the poster: Healthy You campaign, Aggregate Industries UK